Jody A. Forrester

Guns Under The Bed:

Memories of a Young Revolutionary


It is 1969. I am in my late teens, transitioning from a sixties love child to a pacifist anti-Vietnam War activist to a Communist revolutionary. Guns Under The Bed: Memories of a Young Revolutionary is a completed and professionally edited memoir of 56,000 words that revolve around my three years in the Revolutionary Union, a Maoist communist organization advocating armed overthrow of the ruling class. More than just a coming-of-age story, it tells the more universal truths about seeking a sense of belonging not found in my family with themes of shame, pride, secrecy, self-valuation, and self-acceptance explored in context of the culture and politics of that volatile period in American history. This book is an engaging, entertaining, and frequently suspenseful eye-opening exploration offering much insight into the decisions that many of us in the baby boomer generation were compelled to make. Eldridge Cleaver, of the Black Panthers, famously said: “You’re either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution.” There is nothing I want more than to be part of the solution. But why?

Forthcoming in 2020 from Odyssey Books